WebOutLoud for iOS Release Notes

v2.6 Collections

Feb 8, 2020

With the release of version 2.6, we are pleased to announce a new enhancement to WebOutLoud...


What are Collections?

Like folders on your computer, Collections are a way to organize your saved content.

You can create as many Collections as you want and, using drag-and-drop, put saved articles (and yes, other collections) into them.

Collections can also be thought of as playlists. Each saved article in a collection will play automatically in sequence.

What else is in 2.6?

UI Improvements and Bug Fixes

Version 2.6 also brings improvements and bug fixes to the text extraction engine, and user interface improvements.

You may have noticed that the navigation bar and the toolbar now automatically hide themselves as you scroll. Well I've continued to improve the auto-hiding functionality to be as good or better than what you'd expect from the likes of Safari or Chrome. Specifically, you can now tap near the bottom of the screen to invoke the toolbar. Additionally, auto-hiding will no longer occur after navigating between pages or in response to auto-scroll.

I hope you enjoy the update and please stay tuned for future improvements that are underway.

As always, your continued feedback (positive or negative) is welcome. Please leave a review in the App Store as it helps tremendously!

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