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From researchers to students to kids learning to read, anyone can benefit from the power of computer assisted reading.

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What users are saying

"College student's best friend... This program has saved me so much time, energy and frustration... very simple and easy to use... I recommend it to everyone."

"I downloaded every app of this type... WebOutLoud is simply the best of breed... the Darwinian experiment ended up with me going back to WOL over and over..."

"I asked for an iTunes gift card just to subscribe for a year... It 100% got rid of my need for audiobooks."

"Whether you have a learning disability, you're a young reader, have a vision impairment, learning to read English, or just want to multitask... This app is great and works well!"

"I can take notes in a different app as I listen, or I can close my phone and listen as I take a walk or ride my bike."

"With this app I see no reason for using Speechify..."

"I have an obsession with fan fiction. This app means I can listen to a story while I drive."

"I have tried a lot of different apps ... but this one is the best I have tried. I highly recommend this app for anybody that drives and wants to read webpages stories, articles."

"...if you're an audiobook person who listens to books published on websites like Wuxia World or Royal Road, this app is hands down the BEST THING EVER!"

"I love this app so much. I like it much better than Speechify."

"Ever been interested in a subject, but the literature is just hard to get into? This app is the perfect workaround and very convenient when busy and or lazy."

"I am shocked that Apple doesn't do a better job of this natively. I have tried to find an app that reads websites... and this one is far and away the best."

"After evaluating about 10 different options last night, I concluded that this is the best TTS extension available today on the Chrome Web Store."

"I love this app! Now I don't have to look at the screen and can be super lazy!"

Testimonials taken directly from voluntary user reviews with minor edits for clarity.

The Best Reader for Websites

WebOutLoud is unique in its approach to reading websites. While most readers are limited to text extraction, WebOutLoud offers both text extraction and in-page reading which means it will read aloud the contents of the web page directly in the browser, highlighting words and paragraphs as it goes.

Additionally it offers an accessible alternative to navigating the sea of content on the web. With intuitive media controls for traversing the readable text on any webpage, WebOutLoud makes it easy to remember where you left off, assists with comprehension and reduces eye strain.

Natural Sounding Voices

In addition to exposing the free voices that are available on your computer or iOS device, premium subscribers gain access to dozens of high-quality natural-sounding voices from Amazon Polly and others. Start a 3-Day no obligation free trial.


WebOutLoud is an indispensable tool for individuals with dyslexia, low vision, reading difficulties or ADD.

From researchers to students to kids learning to read; anyone can benefit from the power of computer assisted reading.


It highlights words as it reads and scrolls the page automatically.

Using our proprietary AI, WebOutLoud can detect the written content on noisy web pages, extract text and obliterate annoying ads.

The web on your terms

Save content for later to read while you’re offline.

Organize your saved content into collections and create playlists.

Customize your reading experience with adjustable fonts and colors.

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