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WebOutLoud Version 3 Officially Launched for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Chrome

Sep 16, 2020

What's New...
  • HD Voices (Realistic Text-to-Speech)

    New high-quality voices from Amazon Polly and Google Cloud are now available.

    The new voices are superior to WebOutLoud's built-in voices in a number of ways including the way in which they interpret punctuation, how they pronounce words, and of course how they sound. I recommend them personally and prefer them highly for all of my listening.

    The new voices are available under WebOutLoud's new premium plan. More details can be found in-app.

  • iCloud Sync

    You can now access all of your Saved Content from any iPhone, iPad or Mac. This is available to to current subscribers at no additional cost.

  • Sign in with Apple

    You are no longer required to sign in to WebOutLoud using a username and password. We've switched exclusively to "Sign in with Apple" for authentication which means you can easily log in to WebOutLoud using Touch ID or Face ID. Your account will be upgraded automatically.

  • New UI

    We've overhauled WebOutLoud's user interface to better support its enhanced functionality while keeping it as familiar as possible to avoid confusion.

  • Mac App

    We are releasing a Mac app which is very similar to WebOutLoud's iOS and iPad apps which, combined with iCloud Sync, allows you to save articles on your iPhone and listen to them on your Mac (and visa-versa, of course).

  • Improved Chrome Extension

    The desktop Chrome extension has a new feature which allows you to save articles from the web and listen to them later in the WebOutLoud app for iPhone, iPad & Mac.

  • More

    There are many other improvements in version 3 not listed here. We are interested in your feedback! Please let us know what you think of the update. If you find a bug, or if you have suggestions please dont hesitate to let us know through the in-app contact form, or online at weboutloud.io/contact.

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