WOL News

A Few Improvements Worth Mentioning

Oct 07, 2020

Since the major release of WOL V3, we've released a few improvements to the app. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. "Swipe-to-Dismiss" added to the Saved Articles View

    Have you noticed? The way in witch the Saved Content view is presented has changed a bit. It animates from the bottom to the top instead of the old-school iOS flip animation which some may have found jarring. But more importantly, in addition to tapping the chevron on the top left, you can now swipe down to dismiss the Saved Content view. This little detail makes the app more usable, and convenient.

  2. Favicons!

    Have you heard of a favicon? It is a little 16x16 icon that represents a website. They're all over the web. They show up in places like Chrome or Safari's browser tabs. They're a nice touch.

    Well, in homage to WOL's web-centricity, we've added long-overdue support for favicons. What this means is that when you save an article from a website, the website's favicon will now accompany the article listing in the Saved Content view.

  3. Better "Now Playing Info"

    One thing that WOL users love the most is its ability to play articles in the background, while the device is locked.

    Now, a better representation of "what's playing" will appear on your iPhone or iPad's lock screen. For example, the lock screen will display the title of the article currently being read along with an accompanying picture if available.