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New Lifelike Text-to-Speech Voices from OpenAI Now Available in WebOutLoud

Nov 17, 2023

Recently, OpenAI announced the release of their new text-to-speech product offering six distinct-sounding voices across all major languages.

We are pleased to announce the availability of these new voices in WebOutLoud for iOS and Mac.

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The people working at OpenAI are some of the most brilliant minds of our time working on cutting edge AI.

The same intellect that has gone into creating the world-changing tech of ChatGPT has now entered the realm of text-to-speech.

According to Sam Altman (head of OpenAI), the new voices are "much more natural than anything else we’ve heard out there".

While existing text-to-speech providers require manual specification of things like emotional effect, OpenAI is experimenting with ways to do it automatically through AI, determined by certain factors like capitalization and grammar.

From what we've heard, the end result is unprecedented realism. And this is only the beginning for OpenAI. We're excited to see what future improvements the company will bring to its text-to-speech product. And we at WebOutLoud will be the first to make them available to our premium subscribers at no extra cost.

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