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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why doesn't WebOutLoud Work with a Particular Website?
  2. I have purchased a subscription. Why am I seeing Ads?

Why Doesn't WebOutLoud Work With a Particular Website?

WebOutLoud is a tool that reads websites aloud to you, making the internet more accessible, especially for those who prefer listening over reading. It works best on regular websites—like news articles, blogs or fanfic sites—that follow standard web guidelines. However, it might struggle with more complex sites, like some university systems or pages that pull content from multiple sources, because these don't always follow standard rules that our tool can easily interact with.

WebOutLoud is designed to work smoothly with a wide range of websites, but occasionally, you might encounter issues with specific sites. If something doesn’t work as expected, we’ve made it easy to report these problems directly within the app. This feature helps us to continually improve the app and address issues more effectively. To report a problem, find the "Report a Problem" button on the bottom bar, tell us what went wrong, and we’ll work on making it better.

I have purchased a subscription. Why am I seeing Ads?

If you've purchased either a basic or premium subscription, you should never see a full screen ad (meaning an ad that covers the entire interface) within the app. However, when using the in-app browser to visit third-party websites, you might still encounter ads. These ads are controlled by the websites themselves, not by WebOutLoud, and can appear based on the site's own policies and ad management.