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The WebOutLoud browser extension is currently available on the following platforms:

  • Google Chrome

    Available on the Chrome Web Store.

  • Microsoft Edge

    Available on the Edge Add-ons Store

  • Apple Safari (iOS and Mac)

    Available on the App Store.

    Unlike the WebOutLoud browser extension for Chrome and Edge, the Safari extension requires the WebOutLoud app to be installed. So to start using the WebOutLoud browser extension for Safari, first install the app from the App Store, then enable the extension in Safari. Learn how to manage your Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Accessibility & Keyboard Shortcuts

Every aspect WebOutLoud's browser extension aims to be accessible via keyboard and therefore accessible to screen readers. If you encounter omissions or shortcomings with WebOutLoud's accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Move Focus to WebOutLoud's in-page controls.


  • Play/Pause


  • Enter Reader Mode (Text Extraction)


  • Focus Cursor


  • Next Paragraph


  • Previous Paragraph


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Free vs. Premium

Free Version

The free version of the WebOutLoud browser extension utilizes the free text-to-speech voices that are already installed on your system. The particular free voices will vary in quality and quantity depending on your operating system. For example the free voices that are available on Windows will be different from those available on Mac and different again from those on Chrome OS. As of this writing, the only functional difference between free and premium is that premium unlocks premium high-quality voices. Also, the free version may show occasional promotional popups. Additionally, future improvements to the browser extension may only be available to subscribers.

Premium Version

The premium version eliminates promotional popups and unlocks a wide variety high-quality voices from Amazon Polly across all major languages. You can play samples of the premium voices for free from within the extension itself (press the "more" menu button on the right then select Voices). We offer a 3-day no obligation free trial where you can try premium voices for yourself. Additionally, any future enhancements added to the browser extension will be made available to premium subscribers at no additional charge.

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